Photo by Travis Deville. (because sometimes, when you try to take a Christmas card picture, this is how it goes in real life. I know because I live it every day.)

Malerie Veillon

Hello, friend! I'm so glad to see you here. I'm Malerie. My life generally consists of trying my best to serve the Lord, my husband Alex, and our two littles, Owen and Cassie, even though I often feel like I'm lacking. They are growing so fast, and I always fear I will miss the struggles we go through in day-to-day life, even though it doesn't feel like that in the moment. That's part of the reason I decided to go into business documenting that special family dynamic for other people, to help them remember those feelings that are often fleeting and hard to come by.

You may wonder why, at the busiest time of my life, I decided to take on MORE "work" for myself. I wonder that myself sometimes. I have always wanted to start a business and provide this service to other families, though my style has evolved over the years. There was always some reason that I didn't have time: "I'm in PT school," "I just graduated and I need to focus on being a good physical therapist," "I just had a baby and I can barely find time to wash my hair." As I prayed about it, I felt like God was giving me permission to follow this passion, to take it seriously and share the creativity that He has given me. Though I will always be learning, improving and changing, there is no better time than NOW to create the life that I want to have.

Just as with my physical therapy practice, I thrive on human connection. This carries through in my photography style. Through lifestyle family photography, my goal is to provide you with timeless, emotive art that you can always look back on and experience the joy of hearing your child's laughter, the strength and love in your spouse's embrace. For me, lifestyle portraits aren't about perfect posing, stylish wardrobe, or everyone smiling at the camera. It's more than just what you look like. It's about documenting family interaction and genuine expression to produce portraits that will make you FEEL something.

One of my favorite photographers, Elena Blair said, "Mothers' lives will go undocumented," a quote that struck me deeply when I first heard it and still gives me goosebumps to repeat. I have vowed to change that. Mothers are always the ones behind the camera, creating snapshots for baby books, documenting the adorable antics of each precious child to remember forever. But rarely does she get in the frame with her children for them to recall her as they experienced her love and affection. Lifestyle photography will give you and your children the memories that include all the family members to cherish and relive those moments. Don't let those moments pass you by.