Why am I a photographer? | Louisiana lifestyle family photographer

Why am I doing this? What can I do for you? Both valid questions. I'll explain.

I remember being interested in photography since a young age, but I really became serious after I got married in 2010. My new husband even allowed me to invest in a new DSLR! I soon became busy with physical therapy school, but I continued to learn in my spare time. During PT school, I did lots of portrait work for classmates and friends including boudoir, engagement, and graduation portraits. I was so proud as I felt I was growing as a photographer. It really is a fun hobby. All that time, I knew I was really preparing myself to take good photos when I started to grow my family.

Seven years later, as a full-time physical therapist, mommy, wifey, and photographer, I still get that high when I know I'm creating art. This passion has grown exponentially since having my own children. I absolutely adore creating images that help me remember how little they are, their interests, hitting milestones, funny faces, interactions with my family, and all the little things you can possibly dream. 

joyful jane photography louisiana lifestyle family photography toddler brother and baby sister holding hands over crib rail

Even with a fulfilling career as a physical therapist which thrives on human connection, honesty and trust, I still felt a desire to create art for other people pulling on my heartstrings. It wasn't until a few months ago that (I feel) God gave me permission to indulge in this business adventure, and He provided so many resources to help me figure it all out. 

What I'm most passionate about is called lifestyle photography

which, according to Wikipedia,

"aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's lives or to inspire people in different times."

Lifestyle portraits are mostly not about the background, props, or wardrobe. They are less formal, less posed than traditional portraits and involve movement to display connection, love, and feeling, children growing and playing, husbands and wives embracing each other and the stages of life they are in. It's about learning to love what you have right now, and knowing that you will never again be where you are. Your kids are only little once; don't blink or you'll miss it. This style of photography will help you to remember those little moments and bring you back every time you see your images. 

joyful jane photography Louisiana lifestyle family photographer expecting couple standing in a field in their backyard at sunset with pet dog

Photography that makes you feel

There certainly is a place for posed, formal photography, but that's not what sets me on fire. It's the little moments that we live for. Let's capture them together to create photography that makes you feel something.