Editing Style: Before & After | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

If you have only seen the end result of your photographer's work, maybe you're wondering how it started. Or maybe you just left your family session and you're curious about my editing style. Here are some before and after images to show you exactly what you can expect from your family session with me. 

Before I show you the straight-out-of-camera images, I want you to know that my style is simple, nothing complicated about it. I like it to be quick and easy. For me, the fun happens during the session, and editing is a necessary part of completing the final product.

new father holding his newborn baby boy, louisiana lifestyle newborn photography

I value creating the images; editing is only part of my process to polish those images, not create something that isn't there. 

three sisters telling secrets sitting next to a hay bale, Louisiana lifestyle family photographer
three sisters telling secrets sitting next to a hay bale (after editing), Louisiana lifestyle family photographer

I do not make people look any way that they don't already look!

I will not liquify your body to make you look thinner, remove wrinkles to make you look younger, etc. I firmly believe that you are perfect as you are! I want to show you that, and I want you to embrace it and be proud of yourself. There was a journey to get to where you are, and I’m here to highlight that. Changing the way a person looks is an insult to the accomplishments they have already made. However, I do touch up skin slightly to remove obvious blemishes, scars, and anything that isn’t always there, but only on your request. 

My favorite type of light to shoot in is backlight,

where the sun or window is behind the person. By default, this places shadow on the face. With editing, I can lighten those shadows without affecting the bright part of the image.

toddler girl playing in water puddle (before edit), Louisiana lifestyle family photography
toddler girl playing in water puddle (after edit), Louisiana lifestyle family photography

The great thing about editing is that it can help me make the image look the way I envisioned it when I shot it,

because the camera can’t always collect all the information from the light. The human eye has a large dynamic range, and there is no way a digital camera will ever be able to match it, although camera makers are getting close. For this reason, we use editing software to enhance details and make the image the best it can be.

So there you go! A quick look into how I edit images to make them the best they can be! I hope this has been enlightening for you. Be sure to get on my newsletter so you can get updates and event announcements first!