Soileau|Monier Family at the Lake | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

When your longest friends call you to take their family pictures, you get extra-excited because it's even more meaningful to you. Especially when this particular family has not taken "family" pictures since their wedding! No pressure here, but I did have a great time with them, as always. This friend and I literally grew up together. My heart literally fluttered as I edited the images of my beautiful friend holding her sweet little boys! Her husband grew up with my husband, we went on dates together, hung out husband even credits himself for these two getting together in the first place! I'm so thankful that we are still close, and our children will have lifelong buddies just as we do. 

This location was especially meaningful as well, since it's family property. It made for a beautiful backdrop for our session. The kids loved it! They ran around and played, climbed the dirt hills, threw pine cones in the lake, and jumped on, tickled, hugged and kissed their siblings and mom and dad! That makes for a wonderful evening spent loving on family.

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