Why Fine Art Portraits? | Louisiana School Photography

Welcome to Spring! Have your kids taken their spring school portraits yet? People have been talking about these fine art portraits lately, and I thought you may want to see what I've been up to. I'm still working on providing these modern but classic portraits to schools, so if you want to recommend your school, just let me know! I know schools want to make everyone happy, and it's sometimes hard to try something new. It helps a lot when parents request the change, especially with the ease and simplicity of my process. 

Here are some key things you might love about my process for schools: 

  • no weird background
  • genuine smiles and expressions (no stiff fake smile)
  • YOU choose what image(s) you want AFTER you see them all
  • boutique products, including digital images and canvas
  • online gallery and ordering (no more losing the proofs and ordering form)

Drop my name at your school and ask them to look into fine art school portraits. I know everyone will love it. If your kids are home-schooled, I would love to work with you! 

I have had the pleasure of creating fine art portraits for some of these incredibly awesome kiddos recently! Some of them are from a school-like session at my kids' babysitter and others are from a mama-friend of mine who absolutely had to document her son's missing teeth phase. So many reasons to make these portraits, what will yours be?

Portraits with personality!

Younger kids are so willing to give you all their expressions, even in a short time. These siblings look like they have so much fun together! 

Modern spin on traditional portraits

This girl here, let me just say, she's such a sweet soul. She always hugs and kisses Owen and Cassie good-bye at the end of the day, and it just melts my heart! She has such a classic look to her sweet face. 

Remember the missing teeth phase

This has to be one of the most endearing gestures, to make sure you remember all those weird little stages kids will grow through, whether it's the invincible stage, the shy stage, the silly stage, the all grown up stage, or any in-between.

Watch them grow

Personally, I have taken a few of these portraits of my children for nearly the past year, and every time I am shocked by how much they change and how well these display their personalities. My style has changed and progressed as well. 

For this first set I took in Spring of 2017, I will never forget that it was the first time I had gotten a photo of Cassie smiling, and she was at least 7 months old then! I literally almost dropped my camera I was so shocked. Until then, she wasn't much of a smiler. She's different now. I have another image from this set of Owen making his infamous piggy snort. He still loves to make people laugh with that bit. He's going to be the class clown, I just know it. 

And here is a more recent set taken in December 2017. Still those same two personalities, just a little more pronounced. I am loving seeing them grow through these portraits. I still can't get them together in the frame, yet.

Just one month later, at the "school photo day" at our babysitter's, peer pressure won and I got a shot of them together! January 2018