What I Love About In-Home Portraits | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

Louisiana affords plenty of beautiful scenery that could serve as a location for portraits, but there's just something I love about in-home photography. When I make lifestyle portraits at home, there are no other photographers vying for the same spot to shoot at Golden Hour, something that happens often in cities. No one else will look at these photographs and think, "We took family pictures there, too!" because the background will be totally unique to your personality. The surroundings tell a lot more about your story because your home is a reflection of you; not so much how clean it is, but more of what you choose to bring into your space and what matters to you. 

When deciding if you want your portraits taken at home, you may be concerned about the current state of cleanliness there. I hear you, I get it, and I'm here to tell you that doesn't matter. I push aside what doesn't need to be there. We usually aren't shooting in all rooms or even all corners of one room. All I need is one room with good window light to make it all work. 

I wanted to share this lovely friend's in-home maternity session with you. This is a great example of what I talked about earlier. This woman is a creator, and while waiting for a work space to be built, her home is filled with her art. Even the nursery wasn't ready yet. That totally did not affect our session at all. Here are some of my favorite shots: 

If you are considering in-home portraits, I hope this has helped you. Do you have any other concerns? Let me know and I'll speak directly to them!