Perfection is Boring | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photography

If you're anything like me, you likely had some human struggle with perfectionism at some point in your life. To be honest, I still struggle, but I'm learning to let loose a little more and find the beauty in the struggle. I'm definitely one of those type-A  personalities, and I generally like to have my personal space kept neat, all my plans laid out for the day, and I don't like when something messes up my plans or my neatness. 

At the beginning of my motherhood, I had this insane notion that I could and should keep my little house tidy all the time, always have perfect meals made, work full time and be the best therapist, and still spend all this awesome quality time with my family. When that started to become impossible, I fought back, hard. I doubled my efforts to achieve those goals, and I kind of lost myself in that struggle. I sacrificed becoming the best version of myself for someone I definitely do not want to be.

It wasn't until recently that I realized WE ALL STRUGGLE with the same thoughts and the "should" of life. If  we didn't all strive to be perfect, we wouldn't be human. God made us this way, knowing that only He is perfect, and we have to submit to His plans for us rather than follow our own. When I think of it that way, it is so much easier to let go of that burden I placed on myself.

"Perfection is a mathematical concept, not a human one." - Richard Rohr

Now, I don't have this all figured out, but it's slowly coming to me a little more each day. I'm giving myself permission to leave the toys all over the floor, piles of laundry that haven't been sorted, kids that are not dressed to the T (they stain all their clothes anyway), in favor of spending more time outside with those kids watering the garden and playing in the yard. This has done awesome things for my creativity, my peace of mind, and the anxiety that I have to be perfect all the time. It is allowing me to tell my story while I'm a part of it, rather than let it pass me by. 

"The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection, there is no story to tell." - Ben Okri 

If you're wondering how it seems that I have this figured out, know that I definitely don't have it figured out, and it took a long time of suffering and fighting against this notion to come to this basic conclusion that you possibly don't even have trouble with. Maybe you have figured this out long before I have. I have a few friends in particular who seem to have learned this lesson a lot easier than I did, and they are much happier for it. So I'm a little stubborn. But I'm getting there. 

So friend, if you're looking for permission to let go of being perfect, I'm here to give it to you. Not that you need it, but sometimes it helps to hear that to spark the flame of change. I hope you have a great week, and let go of what doesn't matter so you can spend more time with what does. 

Oh, and here is just a lovely family session I wanted to share with you. This backlight is a HUGE inspiration for me! It just puts the cherry on top of all the beautiful moments we created with this awesome family!