Why I Don't Pose Newborns | Louisiana Newborn Photographer

I have known this family for a few years now, but our relationship grew exponentially over the past 9 months. I'm proud to be able to share these moments with their sweet new baby boy, and I know they are thrilled to be holding him in their arms. 

"Unposed" Newborn Pictures

This is a perfect example of how I like to "unpose" babies during an in-home newborn session. Baby Lander was wide awake and curious about the world on the day of our session, but his portraits are perfect. When he finally dozed off at the end, Momma layed him on the bed, and he uncurled himself into the most perfect baby position. At that moment, my heart fluttered as I remembered my own babies as newborns and how they naturally positioned themselves when I lay them sleeping on my bed. I'll always be able to recall that feeling when I see the pictures I took of them sleeping peacefully in their own position.

Faster, Easier Sessions

Since I'm not trying to make baby sleep for the purpose of posing him, I don't have to spend a ton of time and effort trying to force sleep. This leads to much shorter newborn sessions, and most importantly, a stress-free easy time.

More Family Connection

Lifestyle newborn sessions are all about family connection. Of course, the baby is the highlight of the session since the whole reason for it is to welcome him to the family, but everyone has a new role in relation to the new baby. That's what we emphasize with our session. The new mom and dad are photographed loving on their baby, and even siblings are pictured exploring their new relationship. 

I love photographing natural relationships in a home. It says so much about who you are when you can love on your family in your natural environment. Enough about all that. Enjoy these precious moments of Baby Lander at home.