6 Reasons You Should Book a Family Mini Session | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

  1. You want to update your family photos.

    Duh. Everyone wants to update their family photos. I did this about a month ago and I’m in LOVE with our freshest pictures! My mini session package includes all the digital files in color AND black and white!

  2. You want a fresh picture for your Christmas cards.

    When you book your mini session with me, you will receive 25 beautiful Christmas cards included in your package. Check that off your to do list and embrace the satisfaction of getting it done early!

  3. You’re worried your kids (or your husband) won’t tolerate a full session.

    Totally a legitimate concern. I have felt that way before. While I have learned how to keep rowdy kids engaged in a full session, and since my style is not stiff formal poses anyway, I know that sometimes you just can’t commit to a full session. A mini session is the sweet spot for getting all the pictures you want without the time commitment.

  4. You’re always taking the picture and are rarely in it, too.

    As I scroll through my phone, I see how many pictures and videos I have of my kids, and how few include me. Yet, when they want to look through those pictures on my phone, can you guess which ones they are most excited about? Yep, the pictures that include me loving on or playing with them! How could I deprive them of my pictures throughout there childhood? Even more than that, getting myself in front of the camera more often has honestly helped me to love what I look like RIGHT NOW. Not when I lose more weight, not when my hair grows out…NOW. And I want that for you, too.

  5. You want to remember how it feels to be in the stage of life you’re in.

    Before I started my photography business, I studied other photographers’ work and learned that what I didn’t like was stiff, formal posed families all looking at the camera no matter how beautiful the light or scenery around them. What really makes my heart pound with emotion is portraits of families touching, hugging, embracing and loving on each other. Sure, we may get one of everyone looking at the camera, but everyone will be interacting and playing. That’s what speaks to my heart, and that’s what I want you to see in your family. It’s more about telling your family’s story right now in a series of photographs rather than just showing what you look like.

  6. You want to take advantage of the ONLY mini sessions I offer all year.

    This is the ONLY mini sessions I offer throughout the year! I know so many people wait until the last minute to update their pictures (maybe they wait for cooler weather or for Christmas cards or gifts), so I make sure I can help with accomplishing those goals.

What is YOUR reason for booking your family mini session?

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