Rock Your Kids' Back-2-School Snapshots | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

You're wondering how you can add a little boost to your kids' back to school photos this year, right? I'm here to help!

This will be the first year that one of my kids is old enough to attend "school," which is why I have no personal photos to include in this post. My sweet little boy will attending preschool for the first time this year, and he's so excited. I'm a little more sentimental about it, but I know he's ready for this move. I'll be using these ideas when the time comes!

Use Good Light

Try to get a good portrait close to a window or under an overhang outside. Avoid low light or artificial light. 

Pick an Interesting Location

The front door or steps is common and should still be included if you have done this in the past. You might also consider a picture while they climb on to the school bus, or buckled in to the car if you drive them to school. Don't forget a shot in front of the school or an iconic location on campus, like the doorway of their classroom, sitting at their desk, or on the playground. Include shopping for school supplies. 

You might even get so creative as to include your child's morning routine, eating breakfast, brushing teeth. These may seem mundane, but you will appreciate the simplicity of them. 

Include Their Unique Personalities 

I remember LOVING going shopping for school supplies. I took pride in choosing my backpack and folders because I could choose my favorite characters (usually Lisa Frank!). Take a snapshot of your child wearing their backpack, school uniform, or favorite accessories. 

Write a simple blurb about their grade, age, a few favorites at the time. Watch how these things change every year. There are even some special made chalk boards and signs you can use for this. Or keep it as simple as a sheet of paper and markers. If old enough, let your child fill in the answers themselves. 

Include their teachers and friends

Most schools have a different teacher for each year. Take a simple portrait on the first and last days of school to see how your child's interaction with their teacher has changed over the year.

Some kids have BFFs and this picture will include the same kids every year. Watch them grow together with a snapshot of their friends. 


Don't forget to take a selfie with your child on their first and last days of school! This is a big step for you, too, Momma. Look for my Guide to Selfies with Your IPhone when you sign up for my email list to help you out on this one!