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Maybe you've been wondering why I only show portraits of families not exactly perfectly posed, smiling, all looking right at the camera saying "Cheese!" I have a good reason for that. While those perfectly posed photos are indeed beautiful, they are not the ones that really make me feel something from the people in them, and that is uninteresting to me. After all, Joyful Jane Photography is 'Photography That Makes You Feel.' I do take a smiling portrait every time we reposition, but it's the images that show family connection, emotion, play, hugs, giggles and snuggles that really make my heart flutter. Those are the portraits I aim to capture for each family. In addition to preferring connection, there are a few benefits to lifestyle photograrphy.

lifestyle family portrait showing connection, mother, father, baby

The Kids Love It

Most kids have a low tolerance for standing still and smiling perfectly. I wouldn't expect that anyway. Lifestyle photography lends itself to the kids' agenda if needed because it's more about hugs and kisses, tickles and giggles. I even have solutions for getting great shots for the most cranky of children. Concerned that your child is shy, clingy, or just unhappy on photo day? No problem. I simply encourage Mom and Dad to be with the child, holding, comforting and reassuring the whole time. It doesn't even matter if the kids never make eye contact with my camera because as long as they interact with the rest of the family, the portrait will turn out great. There's nothing to worry about during your session with kids. No matter their behavior, we will always get great, connected family shots. 

Family connection photography, kids playing with parents
mother daughter hug, family connection photography

It's Easygoing

Since we are not forcing stiff poses, everyone is free to move and interact with each other the whole time. You won't get smile fatigue and you won't get tired of standing around because we are constantly moving, changing positions, and playing with the kids. I also work pretty quickly to capture the fleeting moments that are sometimes hard to come by. 

family connection photography, mom + dad + 3 boys hugging

It's Refreshing

Without a doubt, you will have fun at our family session. You will leave feeling like you just had an hour-long play session with your kids and asnuggle session with your spouse (which you might not have done in a while if you have kids!). And the resulting portraits will show just how much you all love each other and enjoy spending time together. These portraits are different then the traditional family portraits you may be used to, but in my opinion, the are modern, casual and refreshing.

mother and baby snuggling
family pictures, family sitting on a log with 3 boys

No matter your concern for your family photo session, I'm sure we will make it work and you will love the result! Contact me today to schedule your family session!

family portaits, baby boy kissing mom