How to Prepare Your Husband for Your Family Photo Session | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

Just like your kids, your husband really wants to make you happy. He will pretty much do anything to give you what you want. But maybe he has some ideas that your session will be long, boring, and stiff so he’s grouchy about it. Let’s set him straight.

Tell him your WHY

Again, just like you will do with the kids, explain to him why these pictures mean so much to you. When he understands the deeper meaning you attach to them, he will likely agree with why they mean so much to you and take on that belief, too.

Hear his side

On the flip side of explaining why family photography means so much to you, give your husband the opportunity to express his beliefs and acknowledge them. Hear him out and talk it out.

Set his expectations

Now for logistics. Make sure your husband knows that I don’t expect him to sit still or smile and look at the camera. He’s truly going to be there to play and have fun, and just love on your family just like he does in real life every day. He doesn’t even have to wear stiff uncomfortable clothes (unless you want him to). Read this blog post for what to wear.

I know that these tips are super common sense, but you’d be surprised how little people communicate about stuff. If you need coaching about this topic, contact me.