How to Prepare Your Kids for your Family Photo Session | Louisiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

Don’t let your kids’ behavior at our photo session make or break your mood. It’s your responsibility to be in a good mood (see the previous blog post if you need help with this). Every person’s thoughts about any situation drives their behavior and therefore determines the outcome of the situation. If you are positive and excited about family picture day, most likely the kids will follow along with your energy.

Tell them your WHY

Explain (many times) to your kid(s) about how excited you are and how important these memories are to you. Kids want to make their parents happy, so when you tell them how happy you will be with beautiful family pictures, they will be more inclined to cooperate. Tell them something like, “Mommy loves you SO much that I want to be able to remember everything about you, even when you aren’t so little anymore. Having someone take our pictures will help me do that!” Put it in your own words and thoughts, but know that it is the truth. If it wasn’t true, you wouldn’t have planned this.

Let them be HONEST

Encourage your children to be themselves, and let them know that we are here to play and have fun together. Know that I’ll never ask your kids to smile or do something they don’t want to do. When you see my pictures of kids smiling, it’s because they were actually having fun. Do not prep them to look at the camera! This can be a hard habit to break, so please avoid coaching them to look at the camera and smile. We are photographing authentic connection, not fake smiles.

Tell the kids that your friend is going to take your pictures

Even if we have never met, I do consider the families that I photograph my friends because we obviously share some values. Show your kids my pictures and videos from my website and social media so they will feel familiar when they see me in person. Since we have a planning call before we meet for picture day, kids are more than welcome to join for a FaceTime call so we can meet before the actual shoot. I’m up for anything that will make them feel more comfortable with me.

Let me worry about their behavior

During your session, let your kids be themselves, no matter what’s going on with them in the moment. If they meltdown, hug and comfort them. If they are excited and run around, let it go. They will always come back. Let me worry about their behavior, don’t worry about correcting them.

That was a lot! I have a lot to say because I want you to be comfortable with your kids at your session, no matter their behavior. Remember, if you need help managing your thoughts about our session, contact me for coaching beforehand. I’m so glad to help!