Why Small Business Owners Need Lifestyle Portraits | Louisiana Business Photographer

In this land of opportunity, so many entrepreneurs have been able to successfully turn their biggest dreams into income to support their families. But, a lot of people aren't so successful. There are many reasons this could be the case, but I want to talk about how I can help small businesses become more known in their communities and thereby grow their businesses.

People want to buy from PEOPLE

Back in the old days, your grandparents did not choose which grocer to purchase from based on who had the lowest prices, the nicest store, or the highest quality products. They shopped with the people they knew, liked, and trusted. Notice how I said PEOPLE, not business. This notion is as true today as it was 50 years ago. People generally feel most comfortable buying goods and services from their friends or people they know because we know we will be taken care of. With the new age of online business, it's more important than ever that small business owners step out from behind the computer screen and show that they, too, are actual people.

People want to know who they buy from

Customers want to know who you are so that they can connect with you. When they see your photos online and then connect with you in person, they feel like they know you. This is what will help to grow your "know, like, trust" factor, and it will help you to serve more people in the best way you can. 

Small business owner: Kim Guillory

Maybe you know this awesome lady. If you don't know her yet, get to know her. She's changing the way you think by helping you break apart limiting beliefs to achieve your biggest goals. For over 20 years, Kim has served the community right here in Vidrine, LA at Kim's Total Image, but now she's serving people all over the world. She's such a blessing to me, and I'm honored to be working with her. 

I simply can’t put out the passion. It’s what I’m here for and what makes me feel whole, happy, and fulfilled. I love connecting and creating community, helping others awaken to possibilities, go beyond self doubt and fear. Each person I can help makes my world a better place. I am a teacher, leader, coach and whole body wellness retreat leader. I teach about grit, resilience, doing hard things and creating an emotionally, mentally, and physically balanced life through a soul inspired journey. I feel excited and satisfied when I am helping others break through barriers and come alive. There is nothing more satisfying than helping another become free of self doubt, fear, and judgement so they can tap into the power of self acceptance, self love, personal value, and wholeness. I am an entrepreneur...this allows me the freedom and space for creative expression, incredible value and purpose as an example and inspiration for what is possible.
— Kim Guillory

I'd love to share a few of Kim's lifestyle business portraits with you. Lifestyle business portraits are an updated style of portraits specifically for small business owners. These portraits show you doing what you do to run your business so that you can connect with your audience and help to grow your craft. Contact me to get your small business lifestyle portraits soon!