Photobooks & why you need to print your images | Louisiana lifestyle family & newborn photography

Everyone has a favorite method of displaying and keeping their photos. If you don't have a method, please find something tangible that you like, because if your photos sit on your digital keeper (phone, computer or hard drive) they will not be seen. It's the simple, honest truth. 

photobooks: my favorite memory keepers, MPix panoramic photobooks

For quite a few years, I have LOVED printing photobooks twice a year. They are a simple yet beautiful way to showcase my yearly memories that keep a large number of photos without sacrificing a ton of space. My favorite for the past few years have been the Premium Panoramic Photobooks from MPix. I love this company in general, but I can't even explain how much I love these photobooks. The paper is thick cardstock, the layouts are clean, the cover is a colored linen and it's all very easy to design. 

Mpix premium panoramic photobooks

Above is my most recent photobook created with MPix. It's a bit thicker than my usual book because it is a year's worth of memories rather than six months. With Cassie's arrival last September, somehow I couldn't find time to make a book in January. Even as big as this book is, I think it's my favorite size. It really is huge, and it is a pleasure to view. Alex and I recently flipped through all our old photobooks with Owen and his face lit up at seeing himself as a baby.

Here are a few of my previous books created with the MPix Premium Panoramic photobooks: 

Y'all, I can't express how important it is to have a tangible print of your photos in whatever way makes you happy. The current generation of kids has been called the "most photographed" due to advances in smartphone cameras, but that means nothing if we don't preserve those images in a tangible way. When your kids are a little older, do you think they will just stumble upon that folder on your computer that contains pictures of them as children? No. They are much more likely to stumble upon your photobooks, box of 4x6 prints, photo album or what ever it is you like to keep your prints in. And when they do stumble upon those old memories, when they turn the pages and look back on themselves as children, they will smile and be grateful for the memories. You will have the opportunity to remember how small your children were, how it felt to rock them to sleep, and how big your heart swelled when you watched them growing and learning. Even when your children have children, grandchildren, they will have something they can touch that is a preserved memory of their ancestors. I know I would love to have more printed images of my grandparents and even beyond to see. PRINT YOUR MEMORIES! Your later self and your kids will thank you!