Romance in Portraits | Louisiana Family & Maternity Photography

Here is a heads up: I am going to ask you to kiss your spouse during our session! I believe it's important to see yourself with your spouse being romantic. I mean, isn't that how this journey began in the first place? Once your first baby is born, your relationship changes, in a good way, but you definitely have less time for romance than you did before. And so begins the ongoing attempts to connect and pay more attention to each other with kid-free date nights...etc. 

Years from now, you will look back on these romantic portraits and think how young and in love you looked. And it will take you right back to those moments and what life was like when your family was growing. 

This sweet couple wanted a unique maternity session, and that's just what they got. You see, this soon-to-be mama has a sweet spot for succulents, and she wanted to share that passion with her baby. I'm over the moon about the art we created. We talked, we laughed, we bought succulents! So maybe mine have yet to be planted, I'll get there eventually. Until then, enjoy this beautiful, unique Louisiana maternity session.