Take better snapshots of your kids | Louisiana lifestyle family photographer

It doesn't matter what kind of camera (or smartphone) you use to take snapshots of your kids; however, small tweaks to your composition (placement or arrangement of elements in the photo) can have a big impact on the outcome of your image. 

1. Get on the child's level. 

My husband could use a lesson in this subject. He is so tall and the kids are so low to the ground that his photos lose interest because he is vertically far away from them. It helps to physically lower your body to their vertical level to include more detail. You're actually shooting from their visual level and the photo will better demonstrate how your child sees the world at this time in his or her life. 

baby squatting while playing with her toy chair
boy being pushed in toy car

2. Change your perspective.

To include whatever activity or toys they're playing with, shoot from above, below, behind, through something, or from any other angle that will help tell the story of what your child enjoys doing at this stage in life.

toddler boy getting into swimming pool while puppy follows
baby in baby pool reaching for toys

3. Crop for details

Getting in very close and creatively cropping out distracting elements from the frame can add more emphasis to a particular craft, toy, tiny fingers, or other details you may want to call to attention. I know I will appreciate being able to reflect on these photos of his baby fat and knuckle dimples when he's older!

toddler boy molding green Play-Doh
toddler hand reaching for crayons in bucket

4. Fill the frame.

This tip is probably my favorite. I love to get super close and fill the frame with that beautiful face! This technique cuts out any distractions and keeps a portrait clean and simple. 

smiling baby girl

Now you know a few tips to help you compose more creative snapshots of the children in your life. I hope these make a difference in your home photography! I'd love to see some of the snapshots you create with these tips!