Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of photographer are you?

    I am a family photographer with emphasis on immediate families, including newborns.

  2. Where will my session be held?

    Ultimately, session location is your choice. I have a few favorite spots, but I am open to new locations and I can definitely help you decide. Family sessions are held outdoors or in your home, and newborn sessions are always in your home, where your new baby will be most comfortable. Here is a blog post with more information to help you decide. 

  3. How long will my session last?

    Most outdoor family sessions last approximately one hour. I shoot quickly to maximize our time together and reduce the likelihood of children becoming overwhelmed with having their photos taken. Our session is light dependent so we make the most of our time! Newborn sessions last 1-1.5 hours depending on how baby is feeling on shoot day.

  4. What will my session be like?

    Our time together will be spent with you just being yourself, playing with your children and spouse. I encourage families not to look at the camera, and I give guidance rather than structured posing (read more at this post). Kids will play and be silly no matter what, and that makes for the best photos! Let me worry about what the kids are doing, and you just enjoy being close and interacting with them. Your session will be relaxing, low-stress, fun, and enjoyable for the whole family, allowing you to focus on connecting with each other to create dynamic, meaningful portraits.

  5. Where will my newborn session be held?

    Newborn sessions are held in your home, as long as enough natural light is available. No need to worry about having a spotless house; we will make arrangements and creative cropping as needed. This is about real life, not fairy tales where homes containing children are perfectly clean. Here is another post about that.

  6. What should I wear? The last thing you need is to stress out about what you're going to wear for your session, so I created a complete portrait style guide for my clients! You're going to love it!

  7. How far out are you booked?

    Since I am a part-time photographer, I am able to take family sessions on weekends at sunrise and sunset. This offers limited bookings and they fill up quickly. I am currently booking about three months in advance. Newborn sessions are booked as needed, and I usually try to get them photographed within their first 21 days.

  8. Will I get the digital photos from my session?

    Yes! My all inclusive packages include all your high resolution digital images in color and black and white. Find more information on pricing here.

  9. How can I order prints and products from you? 

    You may also order prints and canvases in your online gallery. Prints will be shipped from the print company directly to you. I will order the canvas for you and can be shipped to you as well. An additional custom album is available for family members as gifts.