Thank you for choosing me to photograph your family, I am truly honored. Family photography really is an art, and I intend to show you just how beautiful your family is. I know you're dedicating your hard-earned money and your most important resource, your time to these images, so I have put together an all-inclusive guide to help you make the most of your session. 



  • Please help me prepare by getting to know you more. Fill out my client questionnaire!

  • I want to make sure that you know I am not looking for a photo of everyone looking at the camera. We may get a few, but it is not my intention. My intention is to photograph everyone connecting.

  • Tell your children and spouse that these photographs are meaningful to you to encourage their cooperation if they are hesitant. They all love you and want to make you happy, but sometimes they can forget how to best do that. Your session will be fun and laid back.

  • I am going to ask you to touch, hug, play with, and generally love on your family throughout the session, including asking you to kiss your spouse!

  • I am also going to touch you and everyone to help position you in the most pleasing position for each photograph. (Remember, I'm also a physical therapist. Touching people is just part of who I am!)

  • Don't worry about your kids' behavior, let me do that. You will not need to direct or discipline them during our session. Relax and let me take over. It may help your kids get used to me easier if you show them photos or videos of my from my website and social media accounts. That way I won't be a stranger when we meet the first time!

  • I generally do not use props as I feel they distract from the family connection; however, if you have something meaningful in mind, let me know.

  • What to wear: I really don't care what you wear because I am focused on connection. However, I want you to feel comfortable and confident that you look your best, so I created a Portrait Session Style Guide to help you plan what to wear. This guide is only for my clients, so no one else has access to this all-inclusive information. You likely already have something in your closet that will be suitable, and you certainly do not have to be a fashionista to look great. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects who you are and how you live every day. You can download my Portrait Session Style Guide here:



  • I will be in touch with you by email the week of our shoot when we will finalize the day, time, and location. You should keep the evenings of the entire weekend available so we can choose the best weather day. This will help to prevent reschedules due to weather.

  • Young kids may need to have a later than usual nap so they aren't cranky since we may be starting late in the day.

  • Everyone should have something to eat before we start, again so no one is "hangry."

  • If you have young children, pack dry, clean snacks and something to drink as well as wipes for faces and hands.

  • You may want to bring bug spray because...we live in Louisiana.

  • Plan ahead to arrive at our location on time. We are working with sunset light, and starting late will cut in to our available light.

  • We will plan to shoot for about an hour.



  • There will likely be a "warming up" period when we begin shooting. This is normal, don't worry. You'll loosen up quickly.

  • Don't look at me, look at your family. If you ever feel awkward, just look at your family.

  • I will not ask children to smile. If I photograph them smiling, it will be because they are truly having fun.

  • RELAX! Enjoy this time with your family and just be yourself!

newborn baby on bed, unposed newborn photography


  • We will be using the natural light in your home for this session, no external lighting. I have found the best time to begin shooting in the home is around 10 am. You know your home best, so if you think the light in your home would be best at a different time, let's talk about that.

  • Newborn sessions usually take 1-1.5 hours depending on how baby and other family members are feeling and cooperating.

  • If baby is calm, we will lay him or her down for some individual photographs, but I generally do not "pose" newborns. Babies are perfect just as they are, including they way they curl themselves up when you lie them down and I love to see and capture them that way.

  • Don't worry about cleaning your house! Seriously, you just gave birth and you do not need to worry about the shape of your house. I will move things around as I see fit.

  • All you need to do is get yourself and family dressed. Please, dress yourself comfortably! No one expects you to wear fitted clothing after just having a baby.

  • All of the above preparation tips apply, it may be a little easier since you don't have to leave home.

  • Simple, soft clothing and blankets are best for the new baby.

  • Don't worry about when to change, feed, and put baby to sleep. Baby may not leave your arms during the session, and that's just fine by me.



  • Your gallery of all your edited images will be complete within 2-4 weeks after your session. I'll send you an email with the link to your gallery on my proofing site.

  • You can choose your digital images from that same site, and the files will be sent to your email with another link to download there.

  • You may also order prints, canvases, and books from your gallery.

  • Any prints you order will be shipped from the print company directly to you. Any canvases and books will be delivered to me (I custom order those), and I'll get them to you as fast as I can!


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